Upgrade to Ubuntu Feisty, solve no sound problem

April 23, 2007

Superb supried after upgrade to Ubuntu Feisty (7.04). The first edition of Ubuntu I installed is 6.04, and the upgrade to 6.10 is just so so, I didn’t feel any big change, to be honest. But, this time, I feel my Ubuntu+KDE is faster 5 times!!

Honestly, I do not know what’s essential new stuff in this Feisty edition, the next version is coming up October anyway… I just want to be updated… The result is surprisingly good. For the first time, I feel my Ubuntu is actually faster than Windows, yes!

Here is some problems after the upgrade, though: 1. fcitx, a Chinese input software crashes everytime; 2. My Chinese fonts become mess; 3. no sound at all!

Fortunately, all these three problems are solved right now. I’ll just list my solution to the third problem here, as I think most of the viewers are not Chinese 🙂

The no sound problem is quite annoying. My problem is no sound at all! I found a nice HOWTO article in the Ubuntu forum here. It’s a Comprehensive Sound Problem Solutions Guide. But I can find my sound card by the command “aplay -l” and the rest of the article cannot help me out.

Then I came across a Chinese article that just solve my problem, and it’s quite simple! I consider this as a Ubuntu/Linux upgrade bug! Here is the solution:

Type “gnome-volume-control” in the terminal. As I am using KDE, there is no icon in my system tray. I need to type the command.

“Edit” -> “Preference”, check “Headphone Jack Sense” and “Line Jack Sense”.

Goto “Switch” tab, Uncheck both of them. Then you will hear a “dong” sound, and the sound is back!

You might also want to turn off the Microphone (make it mute), as I find my Thinkpad has lousy noises when the volume is up. This is due to the internal microphone in my laptop. Turning it off will solve this.

I do not come across any new software of the Feisty version yet, but the speed of the system is very good. I feel very satisfied.