My software list in Ubuntu+KDE

Having been trying different software these months (hope the English grammar is right…), I’ll list my favorite Linux software here, just remind myself. Everything can be installed by simply typing “sudo apt-get install XXX (its name)” in the terminal. Except, opera needs to add a commercial repository, which can be found here.

File management:


  • Opera, Firefox, Swiftfox, browers I use forth and back
  • Amule — similar to emule in windows
  • Ktorrent — BT client
  • Kontact — very exciting program which includes all the PIM stuff I need: calendar, todo list, note, Email (Kmail), RSS news reader (akregator)…
  • Gaim — MSN, QQ, Gtalk, ICQ… client
  • vpnc — much better and easier application than the Cisco one
  • qsopcast — online TV, it’s a p2p software


  • Openoffice
  • gwenview — smart KDE picture viewer
  • KPhotoAlbum — Help me sort all my images in my computer. Its tag-every-image feature makes finding a single picture from thousands much easier.


Useful Utilities:

  • Tomboy — note-taking application
  • Stardict — dictionary
  • gvim+latex suite — latex editor (also Kile)
  • vmware — virtual machine which let me run Windows XP under my ubuntu to do some must-in-windows stuff, say MATLAB… Using samba service could make a folder to be share by both the host and guest machine to share data.
  • KMymoney2 — This is a prety cool software that help me record my cost and income. I found it easier than others like Gnucash. At least, I want to avoid using GTK stuff in the KDE environment.
  • qtparted, gparted — partition utilities in KDE and Gnome.
  • k3b, gnomebaker — CD/DVD burning utilites in KDE and Gnome.
  • fcitx — Chinese input server. 小企鹅输入法, Linux下的中文输入法.
  • tpfan — An automated control script to solve the fan always-on problem in my IBM T43 laptop. There is also a small utility for Windows use here.
  • tpb — TPB is a little program that enables you to use the IBM ThinkPad(tm) special keys.
  • xvkbd, xbindkeys — Help me define button functions of my Logitech® Optical Cordless TrackMan. A nice howto article can be found here.
  • gmrun — one of the few GTK programs I used in KDE. It’s a Gnome completion-run utility which is very handy. In Windows there is a similar free program called Runfast. The “Run Command” (Alt+F2) in KDE is useless for me, because it has no auto-completion ability. I haven’t found any program in KDE that can replace gmrun yet.

One Response to My software list in Ubuntu+KDE

  1. Leo says:

    I know the article is almost a year old and everything, but just wanted to leave a comment here for the people that come by and take a look at your software list.

    I use Katapult for a “run command” with auto-completion ability. It completes any program from your Kmenu; not only that, it also completes any song from amarok or any bookmark from konq.

    I would be lost without Katapult (and Yakuake).

    Also, I find SMPlayer a lot better than KMPlayer.

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