Make Opera not use the KDE color scheme

After I installed KDE desktop environment in Ubuntu and changed a dark color scheme, my opera brower uses this color scheme automatically! People discuss around how to make Opera using the current KDE theme, but no one wants to leave Opera alone. The reason why I want to do this, or must do this is because some website seems to set font color to be dark or black. As in my KDE color scheme all the background are black, and the foreground is white (I like this high contrast), I can’t see much in this color scheme. See the screenshot:

Opera in KDE color scheme(KDE color scheme) Opera in default color scheme(Default color scheme)

I searched around and found no answer in opera community, kde, ubuntu, kubuntu forums… Then I played around all the opera settings, nothing to configure this. Then I found there is one file that is the key to this problem. That is “~/.qt/qtrc“. It seems opera will read the color scheme from this file every time it launches. I found this because when I launch opear as root, the color scheme would become default, same as the root color scheme. Then I make my hotkey “Win+O” to run this command “mv ~/.qt/qtrc ~/.qt/qtrcc & opera“. By doing so, this qtrc is renamed as qtrcc, Opera will use the default color scheme if this qtrc file is not found in the ~/.qt folder. I’ve been doing this for weeks, nothing bad happened to any of my other KDE programs. So I guess this will resolve this problem before I found an “official” way. By the way, this qtrc file will be created every time I logged in Xwindows, I rename it to qtrcc just in case some day somehow this file is not created.


4 Responses to Make Opera not use the KDE color scheme

  1. Tero says:

    Maybe editing user CSS file to override text box background color would fix this? Please let me know if you find a good solution on this.

  2. Tero says:

    Hi, it didn’t take too long to research this..
    Add this in user css:

    select, textarea, optgroup, option, input
    background-color: white;

  3. Wei says:

    I don’t know there is a stuff called css style before, never used it…
    I tried to creat a new file called user.css in /usr/share/opera/styles folder, and add your lines there. And the trick did work!! This css stuff is quite amazing, I’ll digg in it. Thanks very much Tero.

  4. woodmaker says:

    With white system font there is good to make your text-color black:

    select, textarea, optgroup, option, input
    background-color: white;
    color: black

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