My (K)Ubuntu desktop arrangement

Ubuntu + KDE screenshot

I can’t call my operation system exactly Ubuntu, because I am using KDE environment now. I can’t call it Kubuntu either, as I installed Ubuntu and then “sudo apt-get install kde” instead of “sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop”. In the latter case, all the Kubuntu stuff would be installed, as I read from some posts about how to reverse GDM back. Anyway, I don’t think there would be much difference, it is definitely Ubuntu.

As you can see, I like make the taskbar (panel) vertical on the left, and make it autohide. I found this way could save my screen space and time to move the mouse to the bottom of the screen to switch different windows, like the default panel. Although this panel is seldom used, as I have set up 9 desktops. Most of the programs I opened were set to be opened in specific desktop no matter what is the current desktop. This can be set by “KDE control center – Desktop – Window-Specific Settings – Geometry”. I also set couple of hotkeys for certain applications. Say “Win+Ctrl+G” will swich to Gvim wherever it is, “Win+Ctrl+T” will swich to Terminal. There are also large number of hotkey settings in KDE which can make operation much convenient. They are all in the KDE control center.

Bottom right is a very small Xwindow application called “oclock”, it is made above all other applications so that I can know the time without go to the hiden panel.


5 Responses to My (K)Ubuntu desktop arrangement

  1. Why do you have a cat sitting on top of that window? O.o

  2. Wei says:

    Well, that’s the AMOR toy application comes with KDE. It’s very small, won’t waste much system resource. And most important, it’s interesting. There are also other creatures, but I like this little cat most 🙂

  3. Uriel Avalos says:

    I believe the difference is hardware detection. Way back when breezy was new, KUbuntu would not recognize my usb card reader, but Ubuntu and Ubuntu + KDE did. Don’t know if that’s still a problem.

    Personally, I prefer the Ubuntu + KDE solution since I like to switch back & forth between window managers.

  4. Wei says:

    Yes, keep Gnome and KDE both could save much trouble, I like this.

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